Rye Sour

2 Jul

I had a few extra minutes in the kitchen this afternoon, so I thought I’d get some Rye Sour started for making Rye Bread tomorrow. Rye sour is a great base, and adds to getting things going while making Rye or Pumpernickel bread. This is an easy sour that can be made in advance, the addition of the onion is optional, but lends a really unique sour aroma to the mix. Here’s what you’ll need;


8 oz Rye Flour

8 oz Warm Water

1/2 Tsp. Dry Yeast

1/4 Onion (optional)



Alright. Flour and Yeast go in the bowl, warm water goes in. Give it a stir to fully combine. Quarter the Onion, if adding, and plunk it in;



pushing it under and covering it up completely.


Wrap this bowl in plastic film, and leave out, at room temperature overnight, or at least 12 hours. I find that making this the day before you’ll be baking bread is quite sufficient for flavor with the finished bread, and gives you just enough to make two large loaves.


Stay tuned for the bread recipe, and method for dough, panning and baking.


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