Nut Creme

3 Jul

Minds out of the gutters, please, this blog is not called Chefs Gone Wild…..yet. This is a really easy filling, usually referred to as Frangipane. We’ve changed the type of nut here, from Almonds to Hazelnuts, because hey…we’re literally surrounded by Hazelnut farms here in Willamette Valley.

Here’s a rundown of the ingredients you’ll need to make this yield, usually enough for a 10″ Galette des Rois:

3 oz Unsalted Butter, at room temperature

3 oz Sugar

1 Egg, at room temperature

1 Egg Yolk, at room temperature

1/4 tsp Vanilla

1 Tbl Rye, Bourbon, Rum, Liquor of Choice

pinch of salt

1/2 tsp cracked black pepper (optional, I just like the pepper with Hazelnuts)

1 oz AP Flour

3 oz Ground Nut Meal of Choice (today is hazelnuts, tomorrow….who knows)


You can do this by hand if you like, or use the mixer, with a paddle attachment. Either way, add the sugar and butter together and cream until light and fluffy (just like me).  Image

With a fork, lightly scramble the eggs,add the vanilla and the liquor of choice, and add slowly to the butter/sugar mixture…it may look a little separated. If it does, stop the mixer and scrape the bowl down with a spatula, and work it in a little better before restarting the mixer.


In a bowl, fork together the nut meal, salt and flour. This breaks up any chunks of flour or nut meal, so you won’t have any lumps in the finished creme.



salt & pepper goes in to the bowl


Add this to the butter/sugar/egg mixture and paddle until just incorporated.



Ta-dah! Done and ready to use. If you want to, remove to a smaller container, wrap and refrigerate for no more than 3 days (raw eggs you know). To see how this finished creme can be used, be sure to check out our Galette des Rois, or King Cake.


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