Oil Poached, or Confit of Rabbit

30 Jul

The term confit generally means to preserve, or to cook something in its own juices. This could apply to the classic Duck Confit, but can be used for other meats, or fruits. This time around, we’re using the fresh rabbit we picked up from the butcher a few days ago.

After breaking down the rabbits, we cured the back legs for three days in a mixture of salt, sugar, herbs and spices. Here’s a pic of the ingredients- Image

Regarding the spice blend, it is up to your liking. I went with the following;

Black Peppercorns

Bay Leaves

Jamaican Allspice


French Thyme



Juniper Berries


For the berries and bay, I used a mortar and pestle to break them up a bit, keeping them coarse, and crushed the garlic and rosemary by hand, while mixing up the salt and brown sugar. Once this mixture is combined, add freshly washed and paper towel dried leg pieces, coating them fully-


tossing to coat each piece and place in the pan-


Pack these legs with the salt, sugar and flavor, making sure to add the salt/sugar mixture to each layer, covering them completely-


Nice! Once all pieces are coated and layered, it’s time to cover them with film or foil and place them in the fridge for up to three days, to let them sit and think about what they’ve done.

After two or three days, remove the entire lot and give them a full rinse in running water. This will remove the salt/sugar mixture, but they will have taken on the herb flavors. Now, for the magic. Give them a pat dry with clean paper towels, re-layering them in a clean hotel pan, or similar cooking pan. Make sure you’ve got a deep enough pan, as we’re going to add enough olive oil to cover the tops of these by at least one inch,


That done, these will need to go into a preheated 225 degree oven for four hours. Once finished,
remove from the oven and rest on the counter for 1/2 hour to cool down a bit, before placing the entire pan into the fridge. Remember, that part of the process is keeping the finished meat under the oil and away from air, and will keep for several weeks, up to a few months under refrigeration.


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