23 Jul

This past week I have been walking around alone in a huge, empty house. I promise not to lament, but this was suppose to be our “forever” home. This house is magic to me; a house meant to be lived in, with music and laughter, like children on their birthdays (thank you, T. Capote)

The light comes in every window at some point during the day and year, dappled and filtered, and it’s incredible to see this house alive……but it’s a different light now. Not sad, just different. Waiting for donate-discard people and the packer-mover people can set your mind in many directions. It’s time. It’s okay. As that over-driven Disney movie song recommends….”let it go”.

Sometimes. You have to know it’s okay to turn the page, end a chapter, or I’m closing the book on my time in Covington, KY. I had hopes for the opening of my chocolate shop and kitchen here, there were many positive, reinforcing and contributing articles on the ‘net about it you can find, the final one is here that gives the gist of the situation. Severing ties with this community and no longer funding or feeding into the dysfunction is the only way that we will survive it.

Loren and I are headed to ‘Lil Rhody, something we considered doing after we sold the hotel in New Orleans.


Here’s to a new volume.

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